Wilson County Schools Calendar 24-25

As a new school year starts, Wilson County Schools is happy to see students, parents, and teachers ready to learn. The calendar for 2024-2025 is made with care to help everyone learn and grow. It gives a plan for what will happen in school. Students will have chances to do well in their studies, become better people, and be part of their community. Teachers will guide them along the way. It’s a time for everyone to work together and make the most of the school year.

Wilson County Schools Calendar

As you embark on the academic year journey with Wilson County Schools, it’s crucial to mark your calendar for the essential dates that will shape your educational experience. Let’s explore these significant days throughout the school year: To check all Wilson school’s calendars you can click on the given link.

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AUGUST Optional Teacher Workdays August 16-18
AUGUST Mandatory Teacher Workdays August 21-25
AUGUST First Day of School August 28
AUGUST Non Day August 31
SEPTEMBER Labor Day Holiday September 4
OCTOBER End of 1st 9 Weeks October 20
OCTOBER Optional Teacher Workday October 23
OCTOBER Report Cards October 30
NOVEMBER Veterans Day Holiday November 10
NOVEMBER Annual Leave November 22
NOVEMBER Thanksgiving Break November 23-24
DECEMBER End of 2nd 9 Weeks/Early Release December 21
DECEMBER Annual Leave/No School December 22
DECEMBER Holidays December 25-27
DECEMBER Annual Leave/No School December 28-29
JANUARY Holiday January 1
JANUARY Annual Leave/No School January 2
JANUARY Optional Teacher Workday January 3
JANUARY Mandatory Teacher Workdays January 4-5
JANUARY First Day of New Semester/Report Cards January 8
JANUARY Non Day January 9
JANUARY Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday January 15
FEBRUARY Optional Teacher Workday February 19
MARCH Mandatory Teacher Workday March 5
MARCH End of 3rd 9 Weeks March 15
MARCH Report Cards March 21
MARCH Holiday March 29
APRIL Spring Break April 1-5
MAY Optional Teacher Workday May 3
MAY Holiday May 27
JUNE Last Day of School/End of 4th 9 Weeks/Early Release June 5
JUNE Mandatory Workdays June 6-7
JUNE Graduation June 8
JUNE Mandatory Workdays June 10-11
JUNE Optional Teacher Workdays June 12-13
JUNE Report Cards June 17


First Day of School

On August 28th, students are excited because it’s the First Day of School, a special day when they start their new classes. They walk into their classrooms feeling enthusiastic and ready to learn. Throughout the year, they will have many opportunities to gain knowledge, develop new skills, and explore different subjects.

Schools Calendar

Spring Break

April 1st to 5th is a break time for students and staff to relax, unwind, and enjoy time with loved ones. It’s a chance to take a pause from school or work responsibilities and rejuvenate. Whether it’s catching up on sleep, engaging in leisure activities, or simply spending time with family and friends, this break offers an opportunity to recharge both mentally and physically.

Last Day of School/End of 4th 9 Weeks/Early Release

June 5th is a special day as students say goodbye to their classrooms and start their summer holidays. It’s a time to remember what they’ve accomplished and think about what’s ahead in the next year. They might feel excited about the adventures awaiting them during the summer break. It’s a moment to celebrate their successes and anticipate new experiences in the future.



The Wilson County Schools calendar for 2024-2025 isn’t just a list of dates. It’s like a map showing how students, parents, teachers, and staff will learn and grow together. Everyone in the school community is dedicated to doing their best. Every day, the calendar reminds us that there are so many exciting things to discover and achieve in school. It’s like a guide that helps us see all the amazing opportunities waiting for us at school.