Aps School Calendar 2024-25 (Atlanta Public Schools)

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) stands as a cornerstone of educational excellence in Atlanta, Georgia. Boasting a diverse array of institutions, APS is deeply committed to empowering students to achieve their utmost potential. With roots tracing back to the 1800s, these institutions have evolved into modern hubs of learning, prioritizing academic success.

Aps School Calendar 2024-25

As the school year starts, everyone looks forward to the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) calendar for 2024-25. This important schedule shows when school begins and ends, and it points out important events and breaks for students in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s like a map that helps students, parents, and teachers know what’s happening throughout the school year. The calendar is given below.

Month Date Event/Activity Instructional Days
JANUARY 24 Teacher Professional Learning Day 2
3 Begin Semester 2 20
15 M.L. King, Jr. Birthday
Total Instructional Days in January: 20
FEBRUARY 24 Presidents’ Day*/Teacher 16
19 Professional Learning Day
20-23 Winter Break (students and teachers)
Total Instructional Days in February: 16
MARCH 24 21
Total Instructional Days in March: 21
MAY 24 Last day of school 18
27 Memorial Day
28-29 Teacher Postplanning Days
Total Instructional Days in May: 18
Total Instructional Days in June: 0
Semester 2: 92
School Year: 180 instructional days

Balancing Learning and Breaks

February is a month that balances school days with breaks. On February 24, there’s Presidents’ Day and a Teacher Professional Learning Day, giving teachers a chance to learn and grow. In total, there are 16 school days in February, helping students make steady progress in their studies. Look at Cherokee County Schools Calendar.

Aps School Calendar 2024-25 (Atlanta Public Schools)

From February 20 to 23, there’s a winter break. This break is a time for both students and teachers to take a rest and relax. It’s important to have this break to keep a good balance between schoolwork and personal well-being.

Continuity of Learning

In March, we keep focusing on school days to make sure learning stays consistent. There are 21 school days this month, giving students plenty of time to get into their studies and keep moving forward in their learning.

Culmination of the Academic Year

As the school year comes to an end, May becomes important. The last day of school is on the 24th. There’s also Memorial Day on May 27, a time to honor and remember those who served. The calendar is smart to set aside May 28-29 as Teacher Postplanning Days. This is to give teachers time to think and plan after the school year ends.

To sum it up, the Aps School Calendar is like a useful roadmap for students, teachers, and parents. It helps everyone by carefully planning school days, breaks, and learning events. This way, it makes sure that the school year is balanced and positive for everyone. Each month is filled with learning, thinking, and celebrating. The calendar is important because it understands that doing well in school is essential, but taking care of yourself is just as important. So, the Aps School Calendar helps create a good environment for learning and success in education.

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