Beaverton School District Calendar 2024-2025

The Beaverton School District is a really good school system in Beaverton, Oregon. They focus on helping students do well in school, grow as individuals, and make sure everyone feels included. They work hard to give students from all different backgrounds and abilities the chance to succeed. The district has a long history of trying new things and always looking ahead in education. They want to make sure students have the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need for the future. Everyone in the district, from the teachers to the community, works together to help students learn, grow, and become leaders.

Beaverton School District Calendar

The Beaverton School District in Beaverton, Oregon is known for its great education and welcoming environment. Their calendar isn’t just for school events. It shows they care about different cultures, religions, and treating everyone fairly. Here you can check the important Beaverton School District Calendar dates.

Month Date(s) Event
March 25-29 Spring break – schools closed
April 8 Grading day – no students
9 Staff development/workday – no students
May 27 Memorial Day – schools closed
June 5 Seniors’ last day
12 Last day for students
13 Staff development/workday – no students
14 Grading day – no students
13-20 Potential makeup school days

Beaverton School District Calendar 2024-2025


Explore the rich tapestry of diversity within the Beaverton School District through its observance of Major Cultural & Religious Holidays.

Month Date(s) Holiday
September 15*-17 Rosh Hashanah
24*-25 Yom Kippur
November 12 Diwali
December 25 Christmas
February 10 Lunar New Year
March 31 Easter
April 9*-10 Eid al-Fitr**
June 16*-17 Eid al-Adha**

Education and Cultural Sensitivity

The calendar is special because it includes important cultural and religious holidays. They understand that students and staff come from different backgrounds, so they make sure not to plan big events or tests on these days. From holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in September to Diwali in November, and from Christmas in December to Lunar New Year in February, the calendar shows they care about different cultures. By respecting these holidays, the district makes everyone feel welcome and respected.

Accommodating Religious Observances

Also, the district shows it cares about different religions by giving days off for holidays like Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. This means Muslim students and staff can celebrate their religious holidays. It shows the district wants everyone to feel free to practice their faith.

Strategic Planning for Academic Success

Apart from cultural and religious holidays, the BSD calendar also plans for students to do well academically. Spring break, usually in March, gives students and staff a break to rest before the last part of the school year. Also, there are days set aside for grading and for teachers to improve their skills and work together. These days help teachers become better at teaching, which helps students learn more.

Potential Makeup School Days

To prepare for unexpected situations like bad weather or emergencies, the calendar sets aside days when school can be made up. This helps make sure students keep learning even if something unexpected happens, while also making sure everyone stays safe.


The Beaverton School District calendar shows how much the district cares about including everyone and making sure students do well in school. It includes important cultural and religious events, gives time off for religious holidays, and plans for students to succeed academically. This shows that the district respects and values every member of the school community.

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