Cherokee County School Calendar 24-25

As the new school year draws near, students, parents, and educators in Cherokee County are excited for the familiar routine of the school calendar. The Cherokee County School District puts a lot of thought into planning its academic schedule to make sure students learn well, have time off, and match up with important events.

Cherokee County School Calendar 24-25

The upcoming academic year, from 2024 to 2025, looks promising, with a well-thought-out calendar that includes teaching time, breaks, and chances for teachers to grow professionally. It’s shaping up to be an exciting and educational year for everyone involved!

Month Dates Event
July 2024 23-31 Pre-planning
August 2024 1 First Day of Semester
September 2024 2 School Holiday
16-20 School Holiday
October 2024
November 2024 5 Remote Learning Day/ Election Day
25-29 School Holiday
December 2024
20 Last Day of Semester
23-27 School Holiday
30-31 School Holiday
January 2025 1-3 School Holiday
6 First Day of Semester/ Remote Learning Day
20 School Holiday
February 2025 17-21 School Holiday
March 2025 31 School Holiday
April 2025 1-4 School Holiday
May 2025 23 Last Day of Semester Modified Dismissal
26 School Holiday
27 Post Planning Professional Learning
29 Post Planning

Preparing for Success

The school year begins with a pre-planning period from July 23rd to July 31st. During this time, teachers work together to plan lessons, set goals for the year, and get their classrooms ready for students. It’s an important time to prepare for the year ahead and ensure a successful start to the academic journey.

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Commencement and New Beginnings

The excitement peaks as students head back to school on August 1st, signaling the start of the semester. There’s a buzz of energy as students reunite with friends, get to know their new teachers, and begin a new chapter of learning. It’s a day brimming with potential and chances to explore new subjects, face challenges, and grow.

Intermittent Breaks

In September, there are some breaks sprinkled throughout the month. There’s a holiday on the 2nd and another from the 16th to the 20th. These breaks give students and teachers time to relax, hang out with family, and pursue hobbies outside of school. Whether it’s a quick trip or just a day to unwind, these breaks help maintain a good balance between work and personal life, which is important for doing well in school.

Election Day and Remote Learning

As the country participates in democracy, the Cherokee County School District designates November 5th as a remote learning day/Election Day. This unique idea means students can still learn while families take part in voting. Also, from November 25th to the 29th, schools have a break for Thanksgiving, giving everyone extra time for holiday fun and relaxation.


In summary, the Cherokee County School Calendar for 2024-2025 reflects a dedication to excellence, innovation, and student happiness. Through a well-planned schedule that includes teaching time, breaks, and teacher training, the district creates an environment for success in learning. As students start their school year, they can anticipate a year of learning new things, growing, and having lots of opportunities ahead.