Fulton County School Calendar 2024

The Fulton County School calendar is like a big plan for the school year in one of Georgia’s biggest school districts. It’s not just about when school starts and ends; it also shows important times like holidays and breaks. This plan helps students, parents, and teachers know what to expect. The calendar is made carefully, so it’s like a mix of learning and resting times, making sure everyone has a good school experience. The FCS calendar is like a guide that brings everyone in the school community together, creating a feeling of excitement and togetherness.

Fulton County School Calendar 2024

Having a school calendar is important for every student. It helps them stay informed about important dates, allowing them to plan accordingly. Whether it’s marking exam dates, holidays, or special events, the school calendar serves as a helpful guide for organizing their academic and personal schedules. You can find the FCS calendar below, or feel free to download it using the provided link. This way, students can have a clear overview of the upcoming events and plan their activities with ease.

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Date Event
January 1 Winter Break (schools closed)
January 2 Teacher Workday (students off)
January 3 First Day of Second Semester
January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (schools closed)
January 16 Professional Development Day (students off)
February 19 Presidents’ Day Holiday (schools closed)
February 20 Professional Development Day (students off)
March 11 Teacher Workday (students off)
March 12 Professional Development Day (students off)
April 1-5 Spring Break (schools closed)
May 23 Last Day of School
May 24 Teacher Workday (students off)
May 27 Memorial Day
June 19 Juneteenth Holiday (schools closed)

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Winter Break and New Beginnings

The calendar begins with Winter Break on January 1, a time for students and families to relax and celebrate. Then, on January 2, there’s a Teacher Workday. This means teachers have a day for learning and improving their skills, while students get a break from school. January 3 is when the second semester starts, giving students a new beginning and a chance to focus on their studies again.

Fulton County School Calendar 2024

In conclusion, the Calendar is like a helpful guide for students, teachers, and parents during the school year. It’s more than just a list of dates; it represents a journey full of learning, breaks, and special moments. From the exciting Winter Break to the beginning of a new semester on January 3, the calendar shows the way for the education experience in Fulton County.

Its careful plan, including breaks for thinking and days for teachers to learn more, shows a dedication to making sure there’s a good mix of learning and relaxing. As the school community follows this calendar, they go through a well-thought-out plan for the school year, making sure there’s a good balance of education, rest, and growth for everyone.

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