Hillsborough County Last Day Of School 2024

The last day of school for Hillsborough County in 2024 is on May 24th. This marks the end of the 4th grading period and the 2nd semester for students. Hillsborough County, located in Florida, has a lot of different schools. These schools serve many students from different grades. The school year is planned carefully to fit the needs of students, teachers, and families. You can find the Hillsborough County Schools calendar below.

Hillsborough County Schools Calendar 2024

It is recommended for parents, students, and educators to regularly check the calendar for any updates or changes.

2024 Student Academic Calendar
Board Approved

Event Date
Winter Break/Non-Student Days Dec 25, 2023 – Jan 5, 2024
Students Return to School Jan 8, 2024
Martin Luther King, Jr./Non-Student Day Jan 15, 2024
Non-Student Day Feb 16, 2024
Non-Student Day Mar 4, 2024
Spring Break/Non-Student Days Mar 11 – Mar 15, 2024
Students Return to School Mar 18, 2024
End of 3rd Grading Period Mar 20, 2024
Non-Student Day Mar 29, 2024
Last Day of School/End of 4th Grading Period May 24, 2024
(End of 2nd Semester)

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The student can check the calendar in the foem of PDF and can also download from the below link.

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Look at CMS Schools Calendar.

Hillsborough County Spring Break 2024

Spring Break Hillsborough County 2024  is scheduled to take place from Monday, March 11, to Friday, March 15. During this week-long break, students across the county will have the opportunity to step away from their academic responsibilities and engage in various recreational activities or perhaps embark on family vacations. This period is designed to offer a respite from the routine of the school year, allowing students and educators alike to recharge and return with renewed energy for the remainder of the academic term.

Important Thing About Hillsborough Calendar:

  • Syncing with Personal Calendars: Families can sync the school calendar with their personal digital calendars to stay informed about important dates.

Hillsborough County Schools Calendar

  • Advanced Planning for Breaks: Utilize longer breaks to plan family vacations or educational activities, ensuring that students make the most of their time away from school.
  • Staying Informed: Subscribe to school newsletters or communication platforms to receive timely updates and announcements regarding the school calendar.

CMS Schools Calendar

The Hillsborough County Schools calendar is a comprehensive tool that helps students and their families plan for a successful academic year. By staying informed and actively engaging with the calendar, everyone involved in the educational journey can contribute to a positive and productive school experience.

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