John Locke Essay Competition

John Locke Institute is an independent institute of Oxford, United Kingdom. They organize a John Locke Essay Competition every year. Mostly the students of social sciences and humanities have few chances to compete at the global level. This competition gives a chance for such student so that they demonstrate their expertise by winning the competition.

John Locke Essay Competition

Apart from the courses of gap year and the courses of summer, the John Locke Institute (JLI) arrange an essay competition every year. The competition is held for economics, physics, philosophy, politics, history, psychology, theology and law students.

Eligibility Criteria for Essay Competition

If you want to apply for the Competition, then you must have to fall on these criteria;

  • Students from any country or any school are eligible for competition.
  • Students who are 18 or fewer years old can apply for competition.
  • Students whose age is 14 or less can apply for the Junior Prize.
  • Students don’t pay any entry fee.

John Locke Essay Competition

How do you submit your entry?

The entry can be submitted from the web portal. Once the submission link is open you have to submit your essay within the deadline. Your document must have to follow these rules;

  • The essay must be consisting of 2000 words only.
  • The essay must be submitted in PDF format.
  • Your file name must follow the described format that is candidate first name – last name – category – question number and the document must be in pdf format.

Important Things

The important points that you must have to consider are these;

  • Your essay must be based on one category from the provided list.
  • The essay document must be saved according to the format.
  • Without the described format the file may be rejected and you are responsible for this.
  • The candidates are not allowed to add footnotes. But at the end candidate can add the bibliography.
  • You have to provide a referee email of any person who knows your academic writing skills and supports you. If possible then provide your teacher’s email otherwise anyone else email who is not your relative. So that the institute can easily verify that the writing belongs to you.
  • Make sure to submit your application before the deadline but if you are late due to some authentic reason. Then you have a chance of submission within 24 hours after the payment of a late fee that is 20 USD. For late submission payment, you have to just log in to the account follow the instructions for late payment and provide all information of payment.
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What do you win?

The winner of the competition can get a scholarship of US $2000 for any courses or programs of the John Locke Institute. The winner’s essay will be published on the official website of the John Locke Institute and a prize distribution ceremony will be held at Oxford University. The overall best candidate must be awarded an honour John Locke Institute fellowship that is US $10,000. The candidate can join one or more courses of their gap year or summer schools.

What is the cost of entry?

There is no cost of entry. It’s a 100% free entrance competition. Any student from any country or institute can apply for this competition and prove their skills. The students who are 18 or below age are eligible for competition. Even students who are 14 or below years of age can apply for the Junior Competition without any cost.

The John Locke Essay Competition is held every year for all students of the world. Anyone can apply for this who is 18 or below and for junior competition the candidate must be 14 or below. The candidate must follow the file pattern otherwise file is rejected. To save your US $20 submit it before the deadline. The winners get various prizes. If your writing skills are great, then must try for the competition and enjoy a chance to study program at the John Locke Institute.

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