OCPS Calendar 2024-25 (Orange County Public Schools)

Within Orange County, Florida, the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) stand as a vital cornerstone of education. Their mission revolves around nurturing academic excellence, fostering diverse perspectives, and empowering each student to realize their utmost capabilities. With a multitude of schools catering to students from varied backgrounds, OCPS is dedicated to ensuring equitable access to quality education, leveraging top-tier resources and educators to navigate the evolving landscape of education effectively. Deeply intertwined with the community, OCPS provides an array of educational opportunities, sculpting the path forward for countless generations.

OCPS Calendar 2024-25

Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) is really important for education in Orange County, Florida. They work hard to help students do well in school, celebrate different backgrounds, and make sure students feel confident and empowered. OCPS is known for being a place where learning and new ideas are valued.

Date Event
Monday Feb 19 Presidents’ Day/Teacher Non-Work Day
Thursday Mar 14 End of Third Marking Period
Friday Mar 15 Teacher Workday/Student Holiday
Mon-Fri Mar 18-22 Spring Break
Monday Mar 25 Begin Fourth Marking Period
Friday May 24 End of Fourth Marking Period/Last Day of School
Monday May 27 Memorial Day Holiday
Tue-Wed May 28-29 Post Planning

Prioritized ToughWeather Make-Up Days

February 19, 2024 Presidents’ Day
March 22, 2024 Friday of Spring Break
March 21, 2024 Thursday of Spring Break
March 20, 2024 Wednesday of Spring Break
March 19, 2024 Tuesday of Spring Break
March 18, 2024 Monday of Spring Break

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Professional Development Days

Days like  called Professional Development Days. On these days, students get a break from school so that teachers and staff can focus on learning new things to be better at their jobs. It’s important for teachers to improve how they teach, work with other teachers, and keep up with what’s new in education. This helps make learning better for students.

OCPS Calendar 2024-25 (Orange County Public Schools)

Holiday Breaks

Days like the Memorial Day Holiday (May 27, 2024) are exciting breaks in the school schedule. These holidays give students and staff a break from their usual routines, so they can relax, spend time with loved ones, and feel refreshed.

OCPS Spring Break

During Spring Break (March 18-22, 2024), students get a longer break from school. It’s a chance for them to rest, go on trips, and discover new things. Lots of families use this time to go on vacations or do fun things together, which helps them become closer and make special memories.

Presidents’ Day

On February 19, 2024, we celebrate Presidents’ Day, which is a national holiday to honor former U.S. presidents. Students don’t have to go to school on this day. It’s also a chance for teachers to teach students about American history and how to get involved in their community. This helps students learn more about our country’s past and how democracy works.

Post Planning

After the school year is over, Post Planning days (May 28-29, 2024) give teachers time to think about the past year, finish grading, and get ready for the next year. These days are important for finishing paperwork and planning for what’s next, so everything goes smoothly when the new school year starts.

Basically, the days off at Orange County Public Schools aren’t just about taking a break from classes. They’re chances to learn, think about what’s been done, and have fun. Whether it’s a holiday, a day for teachers to learn, or the end of a grading period, each day is important for students’ learning and teachers’ improvement at OCPS. Feel free to ask anything about OCPS Calendar in the comment section.

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