Ouachita Parish School Calendar 2024-25

The Ouachita Parish School Calendar is carefully crafted, highlighting pivotal dates like the academic year’s commencement and culmination, holidays, intervals, and days with early dismissals. Meticulously planned, these dates aim to maintain an optimal academic rhythm throughout the year. Serving as a guide, the calendar empowers parents and students to organize vacations, appointments, and engagements, harmonizing personal and academic endeavors seamlessly.

Ouachita Parish School Calendar 2024

The school year usually begins with a flurry of activity, and the Ouachita Parish School Calendar reflects this with a designated start date. This marks the beginning of a new academic journey, bringing together students, parents, and educators. The calendar often includes information about orientation sessions, meet-and-greet events, and other activities designed to help students acclimate to their new grade levels and classrooms.

Date Day of Week Status Event
January 15 Monday Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 19 Monday Holiday Presidents’ Day
February 20 Tuesday No Students Mandatory Employee Inservice
March 25 – April 1 Monday-Monday Holiday Spring Break/Good Friday/Easter
May 2 Thursday Seniors Last Day
May 6-9 Monday-Thursday Graduations
May 23 Thursday Students / Paraprofessionals Last Day
May 24 Friday Teachers Last Day
May 27 Monday Holiday Memorial Day
July 4 Thursday Holiday Independence Day

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Ouachita Parish School Calendar

Key Dates and Holidays

The school year begins with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 15th, giving students and teachers a thoughtful start to the semester. Presidents’ Day on February 19th provides a short break for everyone. The next day, February 20th, is a Mandatory Employee Inservice for ongoing professional development. There’s a longer break from March 25th to April 1st, which includes Spring Break, Good Friday, and Easter. This break gives students and teachers a chance to rest and recharge before the last part of the school year.

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Noteworthy Departures

In May, there are several goodbyes. On May 2nd, seniors say goodbye to their high school days. Graduation ceremonies, happening from May 6th to May 9th, celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class. This time is important for students and their families. Look at Broward County School Calendar.

The Last Days

As the school year comes to an end, May 23rd is the final day for students and paraprofessionals, marking the finish of regular classes. Teachers, who are essential to the education system, finish their academic year on May 24th. These last days bring together the efforts, progress, and shared moments of the entire school community.

Commencement of Summer

On May 27th, Memorial Day gives everyone a deserved break. It’s a time for the school community to think about the sacrifices made by the nation’s heroes. Then, on July 4th, Independence Day marks the official end of the school year. This day lets students and teachers celebrate the nation’s freedom and welcome the summer season.

The Ouachita Parish School Calendar is not just a schedule; it’s a guide that sets the pace for the school year. It includes holidays for reflection, exciting graduation moments, and the bittersweet goodbyes. Every date on the calendar adds to the colorful story of the school year. As the community goes through these important events, the calendar is a reliable companion, making sure the educational journey is well-organized and memorable for everyone.

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