Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers for Students

The most common question that a student often faces is “Tell me about yourself” when he/she visits a new place. Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers for Students are provided here which makes a student’s life easier so that he/she answers it properly. Stay here and get an idea to avoid any confusion on your special day.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers for Students

On the first day of college, everyone is confused and alone too. We don’t know how to behave and introduce ourselves. Due to this prospectus, many students try to prepare an introduction essay so that they introduce themselves in a good manner. So here is the Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers for Students;

  • Say Hi to everyone and then tell them your name and the place you belong (if you want).
  • Your school and previous course.
  • Your hobbies and interests.
  • Best wishes for the year.

Sample: Hi everybody, I am (name) but you call me (nickname if you want). I have (number) siblings who are younger than me. Previously I studied in (school name) and I am here with all of you for my higher studies. I like to play (game name like football) and spend my time in (hobby like gardening). I am looking forward to a great year with all of you. Thank you.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers for Students

For College Admissions

When we are going to apply to any college for higher study we have to pass the entrance exam and then interview. It’s difficult for the students to introduce themselves. So follow these patterns and easily answer your interviewer;

  • Introduce yourself with your name and family (if required).
  • Then your interest and aim.
  • The reason for going course and institute.
  • A rough sketch of career.

Sample:  I am (name) and I am (age) years old. I have (number) siblings who are older or younger than me. My father is a businessman and we often travel around the country. Due to this, I know how to talk to people of other cultures and understand the international relations importance too. This thing developed my interest in political sciences. As I am the eldest one and know my responsibilities well I will complete my higher school with hard work and struggle. After that, I built my career in a field where I use my knowledge of political sciences. I hope that you give me an opportunity so that I try to turn my dreams into reality. Read High School Graduation Wishes for Niece.

For Job Interview

Most students prefer a part-time job or weekend job so that they meet their monthly expenses. Some students do part-time jobs to financially support themselves in this corporate world. To answer the question “Introduce yourself” is quite different from the job interview. Your answer must follow these points;

  • Introduce yourself with your name and current position.
  • Tell them about your circular activities and academic performance.
  • Interest in a job and ensure your struggle.

Sample: I am (name) and I am a student of (college). I am also a member of our college committee that organizes events and collects funds. For this, I have to deal with many people and now I am a habitat of this. I am comfortable talking to the public, like to work with the team, and perfectly use all the resources for the event. It also improves my leadership skills. That is why I want to join an event management company so that I utilize my skills for company growth and enhance my skills too.

When we visit a place for the first time like a college, university, job interview, etc. we often have to answer this question tell me about yourself.  It’s difficult for us to define ourselves. We often think about what we say but don’t worry just introduce yourself by your name, hobbies, interests, and related things that are defined above. The answer Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers for Students according to the situation.

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