(CCS) Cabarrus County Schools Calendar

In the middle of North Carolina, Cabarrus County Schools is a really good place for learning. We care a lot about helping our students learn and grow. Our schools have been around for a long time and have changed a lot over the years. Now, we focus on helping students do well in school, being creative, and becoming better people.

CCS Calendar 2024-25

As the new school year gets closer, students, parents, and teachers in Cabarrus County Schools are getting ready for another year of learning and growing. Knowing all the details about when school starts and ends, holidays, and other important dates is really important for making plans and making sure everything goes well during the school year. Here’s a detailed look at the Cabarrus County Schools calendar for the year 2024-2025.

Month Date(s) Event
August- 2024 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12 Planning/Staff Development
13 1st Day for Students
September 2 Labor Day Holiday
October 11 End of 1st Nine Weeks/Early Dismissal All
14 Planning/Staff Development
November 5 Election Day/Planning Staff Development
11 Veteran’s Day Holiday
27, 28, 29 Thanksgiving Break
December 16-20 HS Exams/Early Dismissal HS Students
20 End of 2nd Nine weeks/Early Dismissal All
23-31 Winter Break
January- 2025 1 New Year’s Holiday
2, 3 Planning Staff Development
20 Martin Luther King Holiday
February 14 Planning Staff Development
17 Presidents’ Day/Planning Staff Development
March 7 End of 3rd Nine Weeks/Early Dismissal All
10-14 Spring Break
April 18 Good Friday
21 Planning Staff Development
May 15-21 HS Exams/Early Dismissal HS Students
21 End of 4th Nine Weeks/Last day of School/Early Dismissal All
22 Planning Staff Development
23 Planning Staff Development
26 Memorial Day Holiday
27, 28 Planning Staff Development
Graduation May 21, 22, 23 Graduation
Capped PD 11/4, 2/7 If needed


Setting the Stage

In August, everyone in the school gets ready for the new year. Teachers have meetings and training sessions during the first two days and sometimes later on too. These sessions help them get ready and improve their teaching plans. Students are excited to come back to school on the 13th, which is when the new school year officially begins. You can also read Cherokee County School Calendar.

Cabarrus County Schools

Fall Beginnings

In September, there’s the first break of the school year because of Labor Day on the 2nd. It gives students and teachers a nice long weekend to relax and rest before getting back into their studies.

Midterm Progress

In the middle of October, the first part of the school year ends, called the first nine weeks. All students finish early on the 11th. Then, on the 14th, teachers have a day for training and planning. This gives them a chance to think about how things are going so far and plan for the next part of the year.

Honoring and Learning

November is an important month. On the 5th, it’s Election Day, which is a chance for people to vote and take part in their community. It’s also a day when teachers can have training and planning time. Then, on the 11th, there’s a special holiday to honor veterans. This is a time for everyone in the school to show appreciation and remember those who have served in the military.


In summary, the Cabarrus County Schools calendar for 2024-2025 is carefully crafted to balance instruction, holidays, and professional development opportunities. By leveraging this roadmap, students, parents, and educators can navigate the academic year with clarity and purpose, maximizing opportunities for success and growth.