Chesterfield County Public Schools Calendar 2024-25

Today, our focus is on exploring the calendar of Chesterfield County Public Schools. Nestled in Virginia, this educational institution is renowned for its commitment to providing an enriching and diverse learning experience for all students. With a rich heritage and a steadfast dedication to evolution, the district has transformed over the years, prioritizing student success in the contemporary landscape. Boasting a robust curriculum, innovative pedagogical approaches, and unwavering support, Chesterfield County Public Schools caters to students from their formative years through high school, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for thriving in tomorrow’s world.

Chesterfield County Public Schools Calendar 2024-25

In Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS), they follow a carefully planned academic calendar to make sure students have a well-organized and enjoyable learning journey. Now, as we take a closer look at the important events in the next few months, let’s discover the significant dates that play a crucial role in shaping the academic environment of CCPS. Here is the school calendar.

Date Event
February 2024 19 • Holiday
March 2024 21 • End of Q3
22 • Student Early Release
29 • Holiday
April 2024 1-5 • Spring Break
10 • Holiday
May 2024 20-24 • Graduation Week
27 • Holiday
June 2024 3-4 • Student Early Release
24 • First Day of Summer School
July 2024 4 • Summer School Holiday
18 • Last Day of Summer School


Notable Holidays

The calendar starts with a day off on February 19th, giving everyone a short break to rest before the last part of the third quarter. Another break is on March 29th, giving a nice pause and influencing the mood for the following months. This break allows everyone to take a breath and get ready for what’s coming up. Also check the details about Clay Schools Calendar.

Chesterfield County Public Schools Calendar 2024-25

Academic Milestones

March 21st marks the completion of the third quarter, signaling a shift in academic attention. The next day, March 22nd, students can look forward to finishing school a bit earlier, giving teachers time for professional development activities. Moving ahead, April 10th presents another holiday, smoothly combining relaxation with the regular academic routine. This break allows everyone to unwind and seamlessly integrate rest into their school schedule. Look at Columbus City Schools Calendar.

Spring Break at Chesterfield County Public Schools

April starts with a whole week off, from the 1st to the 5th, called spring break. It’s a great opportunity for students and teachers to take a break and recharge. This time is like a refreshing break before everyone goes into the last part of the school year.

Graduation Week Celebrations

In May, there’s a special time called Graduation Week, happening from the 20th to the 24th. During this week, we celebrate the successes of students who are graduating, making memories that they’ll remember forever. Then, on May 27th, there’s another holiday, giving everyone a deserved break before we finish the school year.
In summary, the Chesterfield County Public Schools calendar is made with care to give students and teachers a good and interesting school year. It includes breaks for rest, important events like Graduation Week, and a good balance between learning and taking breaks. The calendar shows that Chesterfield County Public Schools is committed to making a supportive and memorable learning journey for all students, getting them ready for success in the 21st century.

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