CPS Calendar 2024-25 (Chicago Public Schools)

This article talks about the CPS Calendar for 2024-25. CPS, which stands for Chicago Public Schools, is a really important part of education in Chicago. It’s been around for a long time, since the mid-19th century, and has become one of the biggest and most diverse school districts in the country. CPS wants to make sure all students get a good education, no matter where they come from. They have lots of different types of schools, from regular ones in neighborhoods to special programs.

CPS Calendar 2024-25

The Chicago Public Schools Calendar is like a well-planned timetable for students, teachers, and staff in the city. It shows when the school year starts and finishes, and it also highlights important events and breaks. This calendar is important for the education of young people in Chicago. In this article, we’ll look at the main parts of the CPS calendar and why certain dates are important for both students and teachers.

Event Date
Students End Classes June 6, 2024
Quarter 3 Ends March 22, 2024
Quarter 4 Ends June 6, 2024
Progress Report Q3 Distribution February 8, 2024
Progress Report Q4 Distribution May 3, 2024
Parent-Teacher Conference (ES) Q3 April 10, 2024
Parent-Teacher Conference (HS) Q3 April 11, 2024
Report Card Q4 Distribution June 6, 2024
School Improvement Days (Teacher-Directed) April 1, 2024
School Improvement Days (Teacher-Directed) June 7, 2024
Professional Development Days (Principal-Directed) February 9, 2024
Professional Development Days (Principal-Directed) June 10, 2024
Spring Vacation March 25, 2024 – March 29, 2024
High School Graduation Ceremonies Not Before May 23, 2024
Elementary Graduation Ceremonies Not Before May 31, 2024
Anticipated Summer Programs Start Date June 18, 2024
Anticipated Summer Programs End Date August 2024 (exact date not specified)

Academic Structure

In the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system, the school year is split into four parts, or quarters. Each quarter has its own special times for learning, testing, and thinking about what you’ve learned. The third quarter ends on March 22, 2024, and the fourth quarter goes on until June 6, 2024. These important dates help students and teachers stay organized and have a plan for what they’re going to learn and accomplish. Also, have a look at Alpine School District Calendar.

Chicago Public Schools Calendar 2024

Assessment and Communication

A big part of school is when we get updates on how we’re doing in our classes. On February 8, 2024, we’ll get Progress Reports for Quarter 3, which tell us how we’re doing in our studies. Then, on May 3, 2024, Report Cards for Quarter 4 will come out. These report cards will show what we’ve achieved and what difficulties we’ve faced during the school year.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration

In the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), we know it’s really important for parents and teachers to work together. In Quarter 3, there will be Parent-Teacher Conferences for Elementary School on April 10 and for High School on April 11, 2024. These meetings are a chance for parents and teachers to talk openly and share information. It lets parents be part of their child’s learning adventure. Read about Issaquah School District Calendar.


The CPS Calendar 2024-25 is a carefully thought-out plan that helps students and teachers navigate the school year. Every date on the calendar, from the start of classes to graduation, is important in shaping the learning experience and ensuring the success of Chicago’s students. The calendar shows CPS’s dedication to providing a well-organized and supportive learning environment for the diverse community it serves.

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