Fairfax County School Calendar 2024

Welcome to the Fairfax School Calendar! It’s like a helpful guide for students, parents, and teachers. This calendar has all the important dates and events for the school year. It’s not just about dates – it’s like a map for success. You’ll find info about holidays, important milestones, and cool school activities. If you’re a parent who wants to be part of your kid’s school life or a teacher who wants to plan lessons easily, this calendar is for you. Let’s get ready for a year full of learning, growing, and achieving together!

Fairfax County School Calendar 2024

Here is the school calendar for you to take a look at. Feel free to check it out and see all the important dates for the school year. It’s a handy tool to keep track of holidays, special events, and important milestones. You may also download from the given link.

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Month Date(s) Event
January 1 New Year’s Day
January 6 Three Kings Day/Epiphany
January 7 Orthodox Christmas
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday
January 19 Orthodox Epiphany
January 26 Option to work at an alternate location
February 10 Lunar New Year
February 14 Ash Wednesday
February 19 Washington’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day
March 5 Presidential Primary
March 11 First Full Day of Ramadan
March 25-29 Spring Break
March 29 Good Friday
April 1 Option to work at an alternate location
April 10 Eid al Fitr
April 22 First evening of Passover
April 23 Second evening of Passover
April 24 Theravada New Year
May 3 Orthodox Good Friday
May 3 Option to work at an alternate location
May 5 Orthodox Easter
May 27 Memorial Day
June 14 Option to work at an alternate location
June 17 Eid-al-Adha
June 18 Option to work at an alternate location
June 19 Juneteenth


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Fall Break and Thanksgiving:

As the school year moves along, students get a short break called fall break, usually in October. It’s a great time for families to take a break, relax, and recharge before the holiday season starts. After fall break, we have Thanksgiving. During this holiday, students and teachers come together to show gratitude and celebrate the spirit of the season. It’s a special time when everyone can appreciate what they have and enjoy being with family and friends. Taking these breaks during the school year helps everyone feel refreshed and ready for the rest of the academic journey.

Fairfax County School Calendar 2024

Winter Break

A really fun part of the Fairfax County school calendar is the winter break. Usually, it begins in the middle or towards the end of December and goes on until early January. This break lets students and teachers have a good time during the festive season with their family and friends. It’s a time to relax, think about all the good things done in the past few months, and get ready for the new challenges in the coming year.

In summary, knowing the Fairfax County School Calendar is like having a guide for the school year. It helps everyone – students, parents, and teachers – know when important things are happening. Whether it’s the break in fall, the time to celebrate in winter, or being thankful during Thanksgiving, these dates are special. Keeping track of them helps us plan and creates a good and enjoyable learning time in Fairfax County. The calendar is like a story unfolding, making school a time for learning and making happy memories.

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