Internships For High School Students

In today’s competitive world, gaining practical experience before stepping into higher education or the workforce has become invaluable. High school internships play a pivotal role in providing young minds with exposure, learning opportunities, and a head start in their career journey. This comprehensive guide explores various facets of internships tailored for high school students, shedding light on their importance, diversity, and how to approach them.

Internships For High School Students

High school internships are experiential learning opportunities that allow students to immerse themselves in professional settings. They bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering skill development, and providing a clearer understanding of various career paths.

High School Student Summer Internship Opportunities

Summer internships are popular as they align with the school break, allowing students to dedicate their time without juggling academic responsibilities. These programs range across industries, from tech startups to nonprofit organizations, providing a wealth of options for students to explore. Below you can check some of the best Summer Internships for High School Students.

  • DHS HS-STEM Internship
  • Boeing Internship for High School Students
  • Summer High School Administrative Startup Intern
  • Tesla Internship Summer for High School Students
  • Santa Barbara Library Teen Internship
  • Juniper Networks Summer Internship

Internships For High School Students

Medical Internship Possibilities for High Schoolers

For those interested in the healthcare field, medical internships offer a firsthand look at the workings of hospitals, clinics, and research labs. These programs often involve shadowing professionals, assisting with basic tasks, and sometimes, participating in community health initiatives. Participating in medical internships for high school students can set the stage for a successful journey in the healthcare industry by fostering essential skills and knowledge.

  • Stanford Medical Youth Science Program
  • CDC Museum Disease Detective Camp
  • GlaxoSmithKline Undergraduate Internship Program
  • Summer Medical Academy
  • Summer Child Health Research Internship

High School Student Paid Internship Programs

Paid internships for high school students provide a valuable opportunity to earn money while gaining practical work experience. While many internships are unpaid, there are paid opportunities available. These internships not only provide valuable experience but also compensate students for their time and effort, making them highly sought-after.

  • Salesforce Internship Program
  • College/Student Intern
  • Santa Barbara Library Teen Internship-PAID
  • Dallas Works: High School Internship
  • DOJ Pathways Internship Program

Virtual Internship Opportunities for High Schoolers

Online internships for high school students have become increasingly popular, offering a flexible and accessible way to gain work experience. The digital era has introduced online internships, enabling students to gain experience remotely. These virtual programs are flexible, and students can connect with organizations worldwide, breaking geographical barriers.

  • EnergyMag internship
  • Virtual internships Foundations program
  • Google computer science Summer Institute
  • Ladder internship program
  • Phc Group Mary Miller Summer Program

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Exploring Business Internships for Students:

Business internships expose students to the world of commerce, finance, and entrepreneurship. Participants learn about market trends, business strategies, and operational procedures, gaining insights into how successful businesses are run. Business Internships for High School Students serve as a stepping stone for students to launch successful careers in business by providing exposure to different facets of the industry.

  • Bank of America Student Leaders Program
  • Goldman Sachs High School Internship Program
  • Ernst & Young (EY) Future Accountants Leadership Program
  • J.P. Morgan Launching Leaders Program
  • Deloitte Pioneer Internship

Hospital Internships for Students

Hospital internships for high school students offer a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the healthcare field. The internships are ideal for students interested in both medical and administrative roles within a healthcare setting. These internships provide exposure to patient care, medical procedures, and hospital management.

  • Stanford Medicine Clinical Summer Internship
  • Columbia University Medical Center Summer Public Health Scholars Program
  • Boston Children’s Hospital Summer Internship Program
  • Mayo Clinic High School Summer Volunteer Program
  • Children’s National Hospital High School Internship
  • Also have a look at Summer Programs for Nursing Aspirants.

Law Internships for High School Students

Law internships introduce students to the legal world, offering experiences in legal research, case preparation, and understanding the judicial system. These internships provide a solid foundation for those considering a career in law.

  • The Princeton University Pre-Law Program
  • Georgetown University Law Institute for High School Students
  • The United States Senate Youth Program
  • Constitutional Rights Foundation’s Summer Law Institute
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory High School Law Internship

Students Internships for Engineering

Engineering internships for high school students open doors to a world of innovation and hands-on learning. The internships provide a platform for students to apply their mathematical and scientific knowledge in practical settings. From civil to aerospace engineering, these programs offer diverse experiences, helping students identify their areas of interest.

  • MIT Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) Program
  • NASA High School Internship Program
  • Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes in Engineering
  • The Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT
  • Carnegie Mellon University Summer Academy for Math and Science

Internships for High School Students in NYC

New York City, with its vast array of industries and opportunities, is a hub for high school internships. From prestigious medical centers and law firms to tech giants and startup incubators, NYC offers a plethora of options for high school students to gain invaluable experience.

  • American Museum of Natural History After School Program
  • NYU Langone High School Summer Research Program
  • Columbia University Science Honors Program
  • Brooklyn District Attorney’s High School Internship Program
  • New York Historical Society Student Historian Internship Program


Internships for high school students serve as a crucial stepping stone, paving the way for professional and personal development. By exploring various fields, acquiring new skills, and building a network of professionals, students set themselves up for future success. As we navigate through the diverse world of internships, it is clear that the opportunities are vast, and the benefits are profound. High school students are encouraged to seize these opportunities, embrace the learning experience, and lay the groundwork for a bright and prosperous future.

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