Pitt County Schools Calendar 2024-25

Pitt County Schools, nestled in the heart of eastern North Carolina, stands as a beacon of exemplary education. Embracing diversity, it pledges unwavering dedication to nurturing both the academic and personal growth of its students. With a rich heritage, it has evolved to meet the evolving needs of its vibrant community, striving to deliver progressive and inclusive educational opportunities. Collaboratively, teachers, administrators, and support staff forge an environment conducive to holistic student achievement, fostering a space where aspirations are realized within and beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

Pitt County Schools Calendar 2024-25

The school calendar is like the heartbeat of a school. It tells us when important things happen, like holidays and events. In Pitt County, North Carolina, this calendar helps students, parents, teachers, and staff plan their year. The Pitt County Schools Calendar for 2024 is carefully made to make sure students learn well and everyone has breaks. It covers February to June and has activities planned to help students learn better and meet the needs of everyone at the school.

Month Date(s) Event
February 12 System Designated Workday – Staff Training
March 6 End of 4th six weeks (9-12)
14 Early Release – Staff Training
25-28 Annual Leave Days / Spring Break
29 Good Friday Holiday
April 1 Annual Leave Day
4 End of 3rd nine weeks (K-8)
11 Early Release Day – Staff Training
25 End of 5th six weeks (9-12)
May 2 Early Release Day – Staff Training
27 Memorial Day Holiday
June 7 Last Day for Students/EARLY RELEASE DAY
End of 2nd Semester
10-12 Teacher Workdays

System Designated Workday – Staff Training

Starting in February is a big deal for Pitt County Schools. They have a day set aside just for staff training. This shows that the district really cares about helping teachers get better at what they do. They want to make sure teachers have all the things they need to teach students well.

Pitt County Schools Calendar 2024-25

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Spring Break at Pitt County Schools

In March, things start to pick up in schools. High school students finish the fourth set of six weeks. This is a big step that shows progress and success, making students think about what they want to achieve for the rest of the school year. Also, there’s a day when school ends early, and teachers can work together to get better at their jobs.

Towards the end of March, there’s something everyone looks forward to: Spring Break. It goes from the 25th to the 28th, giving students and teachers a chance to relax and get ready for the rest of the school year. Enjoy reading about Sumner County Schools Calendar.

Final Words

To sum up, the Pitt County Schools Calendar is like a guiding light for everyone involved – students, parents, teachers, and staff – as they navigate through the ups and downs of the school year. It carefully balances teaching time, teacher training, and breaks, making sure everyone can do well. As the calendar goes on, it shows the promise of growth, learning, and success for Pitt County Schools.

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