Sumner County Schools Calendar 2024-25

Sumner County Schools, located in Tennessee, boasts a long-standing tradition of excellence in education. The school district is dedicated to guiding each student towards reaching their full potential. As a cornerstone of the community, the schools foster learning and development, nurturing a diverse student body with outstanding educators. Special programs are available to support student success and equip them with skills for the future.

Sumner County Schools Calendar 2024-25

As families and teachers get ready for the new school year, they can look at the Sumner County Schools calendar. It shows important dates like holidays and events for students. The calendar is more than just a list of dates. It shows that the school cares about doing well and helping students grow in every way.

Date Event Details
February 19 Principal Discretion PL Day 5 Presidents’ Day, no students
March 5 Stockpiled Day Election Day; teacher attendance required, no students
March 15 End of Quarter 3 (47 days)
March 18-22 Spring Break Schools closed
March 29 Schools closed
April 26 Kindergarten registration @ schools
May 6 – 10 Sumner County Schools Teacher Appreciation Week
May 23 Administrative Day 5 Teacher attendance required, no students
May 24 Abbreviated Day End of Quarter 4 (43 days); End of Semester 2 (90 days); End of School Year (180)


In the calendar on February 19th with a Principal Discretion PL Day 5, which happens at the same time as Presidents’ Day. This gives teachers a chance to learn new things, and students get a break from classes. On March 5th, it’s a Stockpiled Day, which lines up with Election Day. This shows that Sumner County Schools think it’s important to be part of our democracy. Then, on March 15th, Quarter 3 ends. That’s after 47 days of hard work and learning for both students and teachers. Check Beaverton School District Calendar.

Sumner County Schools Calendar 2024-25

Spring Break at Sumner County Schools

Spring Break is from March 18th to the 22nd. It’s a break that families really look forward to. They can relax and get some energy back before the last part of the school year. Then, on March 29th, there’s another day off from school. This gives everyone a chance to take a break and think about things while the schools are closed.

Important Events in April and May

In April, something important happens. Kindergarten registration is on the 26th. This is when young kids start their schooling journey, and families get excited about it. Then, from May 6th to the 10th, it’s Sumner County Schools Teacher Appreciation Week. This is a special time to say thank you to teachers. They do a lot to help students learn and grow every day, so it’s important to celebrate them.

The Sumner County Schools calendar is not just a list of dates. It shows how the school district cares about creating a good learning place. It’s about making sure everyone feels included and supported. The calendar is a reminder of how teachers, families, and the community work together to help students do their best.

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