Klein ISD Calendar 2024 Independent School District

Established in 1938, Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD) boasts a rich legacy spanning more than eight decades. Over the years, it has not just persevered but thrived alongside the changing landscapes of the communities it caters to. Named after the esteemed Klein family, esteemed for their significant contributions to the region’s early development, the district’s heritage adds a unique and historical dimension to the essence of Klein ISD.

Klein ISD Calendar Calendar 2024

The significance of the Klein ISD calendar extends far beyond its role as a mere schedule. It serves as a cornerstone for the meticulous organization and orchestration of the entire school year. This comprehensive calendar is a critical tool that communicates essential information to every stakeholder within the educational community – students, parents, and teachers alike.

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2024-25 DISTRICT CALENDAR (PDF) Click Here


Klein ISD Calendar Independent School District

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Important And Holiday Dates for 2024

The table provided contains a schedule of events and holidays for the Klein Independent School District, outlining important dates throughout the academic year.

Date Event
JULY 4 Independence Day (Staff Holiday)
AUG 1-8 Staff Development
AUG 9 First Day of School
SEPT 4 Labor Day (Student & Staff Holiday)
OCT 6 End of Grading Period 1
OCT 9-13 Fall Break (Student & Staff Holiday)
NOV 7 Election Day (Student Holiday / Staff Development)
NOV 20-24 Thanksgiving Break (Student & Staff Holiday)
DEC 13-15 Early Dismissal for High School Students
DEC 15 Last Day of 1st Semester / End of Grading Period 2
DEC 18-29 Winter Break (Student & Staff Holiday)
JAN 1 New Year’s Day (Student & Staff Holiday)
JAN 2 Student Holiday / Staff Development
JAN 3 First Day of 2nd Semester
JAN 15 MLK Holiday (Student & Staff Holiday)
FEB 12-14 Mid-Winter Break (Student Holiday / Staff Development)
FEB 15-16 Mid-Winter Break (Student & Staff Holiday)
MAR 8 End of Grading Period 3
MAR 11-15 Spring Break (Student & Staff Holiday)
MAR 29 Student & Staff Holiday
APRIL 15 Early Dismissal for High School Students
MAY 22-24 Early Dismissal for High School Students
MAY 24 Last Day of School
MAY 27 Memorial Day (Staff Holiday)
MAY 28-31 Staff Development


Klein ISD Schoology

Klein Independent School District employs Schoology, a versatile learning management system (LMS) that significantly enhances the educational experience within the district. Schoology serves as a comprehensive online platform, offering a centralized hub for course management, communication, and collaboration among students, teachers, and parents. Teachers leverage Schoology to organize and share course materials, assignments, and assessments, streamlining the learning process. Look at Hawaii Public Schools Calendar.

The platform facilitates communication through messaging and discussion forums, fostering an interactive online environment. Moreover, Schoology supports collaboration, enabling students to work together on projects and assignments. Its accessibility via mobile applications ensures that students and parents can conveniently access course materials and updates from smartphones or tablets.

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Final Words

The calendar is more than just a list of dates; it’s like a helpful tool that shapes how students and families experience school. It shows the whole picture of the school year, fun activities, and important events. The calendar brings everyone in the community together and makes the school environment positive and well-informed. It’s not just about marking dates; it actively helps create a good educational experience for everyone involved. By working together and keeping communication open, the Klein ISD calendar plays a big part in making sure the educational journey is successful and enjoyable for everyone.

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