Hawaii Doe School Calendar 2024

In the archipelago of Hawaii, numerous public schools dot the landscape, serving as vital institutions for the education of the state’s youth. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and cultural richness, these educational establishments stand as beacons illuminating the path of learning throughout the islands. Deeply rooted in their local communities, Hawaii Public Schools tirelessly strive to foster the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of their students.

Hawaii Doe School Calendar 2024

Discover the Hawaii Doe School Calendar 2024, a guide for students, parents, and teachers as they navigate the school year in Hawaii. This calendar is helpful because shows the planned events, holidays, and important moments for the public schools in Hawaii. As you go through the calendar, you’ll see regular things like when classes happen and holidays, but there are also special events that celebrate Hawaii’s unique spirit. Here is the calendar.


Month Specific Dates Description
January 1 New Year’s Day
January 5 Teacher Workday (no students)
January 15 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 12-16 Institute Day (One day with no students during the week. Date for each island TBD.)
February 19 Presidents’ Day
March 18-22 Spring Break***
March 26 Kuhio Day
March 29 Good Friday
May 27 Memorial Day
May 30 Last Day for Students & Second Semester Ends**
May 31 Last Day for Teachers

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  • Q3 ends on March 15, after 47 days.
  • Q4 ends on May 30, after 46 days.

Discovering the school calendar is like unpacking a present with lots of important dates inside. In January, we start with a big party for New Year’s Day, getting us excited for the rest of the year. Then, on the 5th, teachers have a special day just for themselves, called Teacher Workday, where they can focus on learning and planning without students around.

Hawaii Public Schools Calendar 2024

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When is spring break 2024 Hawaii

As of the latest available information, spring break in 2024 for Hawaii is scheduled for March 18th to March 22nd. Typically, spring break in the United States occurs in March or April, but the exact dates can vary. Also read Wilson County Schools Calendar.

In summary, the Hawaii Doe School Calendar 2024 is well-planned and helpful for students, parents, and teachers. It shows the schedule for the school year clearly, including holidays and breaks, which is good for learning and taking breaks. The calendar also has days for teachers to learn and improve, showing that the school system wants them to be better at teaching. It even includes local events and celebrations to make everyone feel included and part of a community.

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