Polk County School Calendar 2024

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Polk County School Calendar 2024

The Polk County School Calendar is like a big planner that helps everyone know what’s happening during the school year. It shows important events, breaks, and dates for students, parents, and teachers. You can see when the school starts, take breaks in fall and Thanksgiving, and other special times. The calendar is like a map to help the school community stay organized and excited. It tells us when grades end, when there are graduations to celebrate, and when summer is coming. Polk county calendar is given below,

Month Date(s) Event
August 1-3 Inservice Days
7 First Day of School (Full Day)
September 4 Labor Day (No Classes)
October 6 1st Nine Weeks Ends
9-13 Fall Break (No Classes)
20 Report Cards Issued
November 20-24 Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)
December 20 2nd Nine Weeks/1st Semester Ends
21 Abbreviated Day (Dismiss at 11:00 a.m.)
Christmas Break Begins
January 5 Staff Development Day (No Classes)
8 Classes Resume
12 Report Cards Issued
15 MLK Day (No Classes)
February 19 Presidents’ Day (No Classes)
March 5 Staff Development Day (No Classes)
8 3rd Nine Weeks Ends (date changed)
25 – April 1 Spring Break
May 16 PCHS Graduation
17 CBHS Graduation
24 4th Nine Weeks/2nd Semester Ends
Last Day of School (Dismiss at 10:00 a.m.)

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The Polk County Public Schools Calendar is a valuable resource, offering a detailed schedule of the academic year for students, parents, and educators. This structured approach to the academic calendar ensures that there is a rhythm to the school year, with a balance between focused learning times and breaks. It also provides regular intervals for assessment and reporting, ensuring that students, parents, and teachers are aware of academic progress and have opportunities to address any concerns.

Polk County School Calendar 2024

Ouachita Parish School Calendar

Polk County School Holiday Dates

Here’s a table that lists only the holiday dates from the Polk County Schools District Calendar for the 2024 academic year:

Month Date(s) Holiday
September 4 Labor Day
November 20-24 Thanksgiving Break
December 21 Abbreviated Day (Christmas Break Begins)
January 5 Staff Development Day (No Classes)
15 MLK Day
February 19 Presidents’ Day
March 5 Staff Development Day (No Classes)
May 16 PCHS Graduation
17 CBHS Graduation
24 Last Day of School (4th Nine Weeks/2nd Semester Ends)

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To sum it up, the Polk County School Calendar is really important for the whole school year. It’s like a guide that helps students, parents, and teachers know what’s happening. It shows when school starts, when we get breaks, and when big events like graduations happen. The calendar keeps us organized and shows that Polk County School is committed to giving a great education and making learning fun for everyone.

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